Love Notes

Creating lasting relationships with those who hire us is everything.

There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing we have worked our tails off in order to make someone super happy. We do our very best for each and every one of our portrait and wedding clients, and we simply love hearing about how much they enjoyed working with us. It’s true what they say, “Find something you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” It’s work – don’t get us wrong – but it’s so very rewarding.

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My first piece of advice to anyone getting married on Nantucket – hire Zofia Photography!! :) Zofia and Mark are absolute gems and truly a pleasure to work with. Our experience with them was phenomenal and we still glow every time we look at our pictures to re-live our wedding day, which we find happens often! They captured all the special moments from my sister-in-law pinning my great-grandmother’s wedding dress lace to my dress to our flower girl peering down the aisle to my husband’s face seeing his sailboat groom cake at the reception plus many, many more that would honestly take hours to write! We will forever have the happiest memories through pictures of the emotions, love, radiant light & colors (ahem sunset and moonrise) and details of family and friends smiling and laughing on Nantucket that these two captured on our wedding day.

Zofia and Mark take the time to get to know you as a couple and make it a priority to get to know the VIP family members/friends to ensure moments with the bride and groom are captured with those who matter most. The wedding day goes by in flash so it was comforting to know we had Zofia and Mark there to photograph it all so we could spend many years ahead looking back on that happy day ~ especially all those photos rocking out on the dance floor with all our siblings in tow :)

We can’t thank them enough for what an outstanding job they did, seriously the photos are a dream come true, wedding photography at it’s best! A million and a half thank you’s to Zofia & Mark. We really hope to work with them again for future family weddings or maybe babies down the road!!

~ Tracy and Jay


Mark and Zofia,
I cannot thank you enough for taking the most AMAZING photographs of our engagement and our wedding. The photographs are phenomenal. To all the soon to be brides getting married on Nantucket, Zofia & Co. are hands down the most talented photographers on the island, if not the world.  There is an immediate connection with both of them as they are so friendly, calm and just truly wonderful.  They are salt of the earth kind of people who you will want to hang out with all the time. We just got married last weekend and I have already looked at our wedding blog 20+ times, not to mention the 100+ times I have glowed at our engagement session.  Zofia and Mark have an innate quality in being able to show the passion, love, feeling and excitement Alex and I have for each other and for Nantucket. I get the chills and smile every time I look at our pictures. Although we have only seen our blog, Mark captured so many amazing moments, from the details of my dress and shoes, to Alex getting ready with his friends, to our walk down the aisle and all the details and color of the tables, flowers and the beautiful setting of the White Elephant. Thanks to Mark, we have the most wonderful memories to frame and admire for the rest of our life.

In the chaos of the wedding, it is great to have vendors who have a calming and comforting presence and Mark did just that. His demeanor was a perfect fit for Alex and I, both before the wedding and then taking our post wedding photos during the cocktail hour.

They are also extremely professional and responsive to all my questions and concerns. Zofia put together our website which had a considerable amount of detail.  Any changes I needed, she completed expeditiously and without question.

I cannot thank Zofia and Mark enough for taking the most breathtaking photographs of us this year. Choosing them to take our photographs was the best choice we could have made for our wedding on Nantucket. Both Alex and I are sad that the wedding is over, but the spectacular memories are witnessed in our pictures which we will cherish forever.   You are truly amazing!

~ Katy & Alex


My husband Todd and I have not one negative thing to say about our experience with Zofia & Co. Mark was such a pleasure to work with and completely understood everything we were going for on our wedding day. With all the headaches that planning a wedding can bring, choosing Zofia & Co. was the very first thing we did after we got engaged. All we knew was that we were getting married on Nantucket, and we didn’t care where, as long as we had someone from the Zofia team present!

The wedding day is exciting and overwhelming and you are distracted the entire day, Mark was well aware of the flow, and in tune with everything that was happening. Plus his appreciation for a British sport car won my father over in a heartbeat! He completely understood my laid back no fuss attitude on the day of the wedding. The photos were probably the most important to us, and we wanted them to feel natural. Mark completely got it, and just went with the flow. His creative eye captured things I didn’t even notice or see – so we cannot thank him enough for giving us our visual memories. He captured the happy moments the sad moments, and everything in between. We honestly cannot begin to thank him enough. I would consider having a great photographer as one of the essentials for a wedding. It is really all you get to walk away with after the party is over.

Zofia & Co. is the absolute best there is, and they are a must have. They know the island so well, the lighting, and skies, the unique picture spots, etc. so you come away from the experience with photos you only dreamt of having! I would not only recommend Mark as a wedding photographer, we plan on using him in our future life events as well, whether it be parties or starting a family down the road! They are first class all the way, and their photos are always exquisite.

Thank you to Mark for capturing the beauty of our day! You were an absolute joy to work with on such a monumental day in our lives.

~ Best, Jackie &Todd


If I could give a single piece of advice to give a newly engaged couple it would be to use Zofia and Mark as photographers for your wedding. They are the absolute best photographers in the market in addition to being extremely professional and kind and wonderful people. My new husband and I are so incredibly happy with their work, and the whole experience of working with them. It was the very best decision we made in the whole wedding, save the decision to marry one another.

They captured our wedding day perfectly – the colors, the feeling, the sweet moments, the energy and the joy. Upon looking at the photos I feel the same happiness as if I were right back there living it. It was a joy to have them at the wedding and we are so thankful for the beautiful work that they have given us.

~ Robin and Chris


The photos speak for themselves but David and I could not have been happier with Zofia and Brian’s work!

Not only is Zofia a spectacular photographer and her eye for beautiful pictures is amazing but Zofia lives, breaths and has the perfect eye for Nantucket. During the planning process, Zofia was completely responsive and most importantly was a true ‘local’ to bounce ideas off of.

Zofia’s lightning fast turnaround for the preview pictures was phenomenal! Less than 2 days after our wedding, we were able to re-live the entire day through her stunning wedding photos that captured the emotions from the day perfectly. Our families have been raving about the photos and they ‘went viral’ at my office.

We got the idea to ask Zofia to shoot a piece of our Rehearsal Dinner after seeing other photographs from prior Nantucket weddings that she shot and we are so glad that we did! To have two days of professional photographs to capture our wedding events is priceless.

Our only regret? (well two) I really regret not having Zofia for the entire wedding reception. We had a small dinner reception and originally thought that a few hours of coverage for the pre-wedding, ceremony and start of our wedding reception would suffice but after living through such a special and emotional day and seeing the amazing photos that Zofia and Brian captured while they were with us, I regret not having them stay for the entire evening. The lighting changes, the candles get lit, families are laughing and toasting and I know that we would have had even more photos to look back on fondly. Second regret – not doing an engagement shoot with Zofia!

That said, the wedding photos that we do have are absolutely amazing and bring a smile to our faces every time we look back at them. We’ll be back, maybe for some Nantucket portraits or baby pics ;-)

Zofia and Brian – we are so thankful that you were able to be a part of our special day!!!

~ Ashley and David


Simply put, Zofia and Co photography is spectacular.

In addition to being extremely talented with a camera (the images she captures speak for themselves), Zofia is extremely professional and responsive and an absolute pleasure to work with.

In the initial stages of planning our wedding, my husband and I decided that having fantastic photographs was a top priority.  We knew it would be one of the happiest days of our lives, and we wanted to ensure that we would be able to re-live those moments for many years to come.  This meant finding someone who could capture not just what the wedding looked like, but the emotions behind each and every image.  Zofia not only delivered, but she exceeded our already high expectations by a huge margin.  She was able to capture the true vibe of our entire weekend (we liked her so much after our engagement session that we hired her to shoot an hour of the rehearsal dinner and extended our wedding day coverage by an hour).    Neither of us is particularly photogenic nor are we very comfortable in front of a camera, but somehow Zofia was able to put us at ease — she  helped us to relax and (shockingly) to have fun while she was shooting.  Almost just as importantly, Zofia could not have been more professional, flexible and responsive throughout the entire process.  She made herself available whenever I needed to bounce around an idea (about colors, wardrobe, etc) and somehow managed to give honest opinions without forcing anything that wasn’t “us” — not an easy feat.

Needless to say, I can’t find enough good things to say about my experience with Zofia and Co. Photography …  A+++ from a very type-a bride!

~ Jaclyn and Peter


So for three days all I have done is look at the photos on your blog.  Pathetic?  You decide. :) I know I thanked you a million times already, but since I love detail I have to get into a little more detail about why I am thanking you both!

We all know that I am the biggest poser, photo-bomber, cheese there is…  But what you did was capture “real moments” that can NEVER be posed.  There are some photos on your blog that I truly remember what I was feeling in that moment that I forgot about because it all became a blur and I didn’t even know or care there was a camera on me.  I love the one you put in black and white and I am hugging Santi in the grass.  I was thanking him for the present he got me.  I would have never remembered that moment if not for that picture.  There are tons more like that.  I love posed shots with balloons, signs, lifts, fake laughs, jumping, but I never realized how amazing a “real” photo can be.  All the details, props, money, planning in the world can’t get you that!  The best decision I made when planning this wedding, (and I second-guessed and made a million) was picking up the phone and calling you Zofia.  :)

The picture of us kissing with the rice falling in black and white is amazing! Possibly my favorite! The jump shot at the rehearsal dinner on the pier is incredible. So neat.  We looked at it and I told Santi he needed to turn his feet out on his heel clicks!  :)  He didn’t find that funny!  That stream of pictures of us jumping is sooooo Us it’s not even funny!  I love the head table picture with the tent and us kissing.  Thank you for taking the picture so we can always remember the beautiful sunset on our wedding eve.

Well, I could go on and on, but I just wanted to let you guys know that you are both so talented and appreciated for what you do!  I am sure another email will come after I see all the pictures, so if it starts to get annoying I apologize. I just wanted you two to know how much we appreciate what you gave us to always remember our special day!

All our love and thanks!
~ Tim and James


Zofia and her husband Mark did an amazing job at our wedding! From our very first meeting, Caroline and I knew that they were absolutely perfect for the job and were going to make our wedding weekend so memorable. They are the perfect kind of photography duo because they know each other so well and spend the time to get to know the bride and groom so well. Because of their hands on approach, they were able to nail the style and grace of our wedding weekend. Zofia and Mark are a must for any style, size or destination wedding!

~ Caroline and Cushing


The day we stumbled upon Zofia’s blog, we knew we wanted her to be the photographer for our September 3, 2011 wedding on Nantucket.

We enjoyed two engagement sessions over the next year during our visits to the island for vacation and wedding planning, and by the time our wedding day rolled around she had teamed up with her husband Mark.

From the rehearsal dinner to the brunch, you both managed to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time, which is exactly what Jarred and I were looking for in wedding photographers. Thank you both so much for all your hard work throughout our entire wedding weekend.

~ Jordan and Jarred


We absolutely treasure our photos done by Zofia & Mark! They were so creative and captured the essence of our wedding. They did not miss a thing. At almost two years later we still go back to the photos to relive our wedding. We’re always so thankful we had them capture our special day. They are an incredibly talented team and do not disappoint!

~ Lindsey and Brian


Zofia and Mark were such a huge part of our wedding.  Their photos not only captured beautiful images but also captured the essence of our wedding.  Every time I look at my photos I think how lucky we were to have Zofia and Mark as our photographers. Mark did a fantastic job. There is one picture of me walking across a bridge that when I show people they literally gasp. It is one of the most beautiful wedding images I have ever seen.

I just showed my wedding pictures to one of my husbands friends last night and he said “Are these for Vanity Fair or something?” He wasn’t kidding. That is how beautiful the photos are.

My husband and I feel so fortunate to have worked with them. We had a destination wedding in Nantucket and knew nobody. Luckily Nicole from Unique Nantucket, who was my wedding planner said “I’ll try and get Zofia.” Well it was the best thing that could have happened. Our engagement photos were so beautiful and Zofia was so nice. We had come over to the island for a day (we live in California and had come to Cape Cod in July for vacation and wedding planning) and the weather turned out to be not good. Zofia said “we can do shots if you want or we can reschedule. Or why don’t we try and do some then if you can make it back over we will do more.” So that’s what we did. I mean really, most photographers would not give you that option. And the thing is she works really, really fast and makes it a lot of fun. We had a blast working with her. She is definitely the kind of person you want to hang out with and be friends with.

Then the day of the wedding she was so great, getting so many wonderful shots but never getting in the way and never making us feel like we were missing any part of our wedding.

Zofia and Mark, you have given us such beautiful photos that captured the beauty and romance of our wedding. It was such a pleasure to work with you. We hope to have more photos done with you in the future.

~ Sheri and Andrew


We cannot stop looking at our wedding photos! They truly are works of art! Absolutely loved the artistic edge on the photos, especially the attention that was paid to small details! Greatly appreciated Zofia’s timeliness with emails and general responsiveness, it made planning a destination wedding much easier. Thanks for the beautiful photos, we know we will enjoy them for years to come!

~ Renee and Scott


Zofia took engagement, welcome dinner, and wedding photos for my husband, Joe, and I this past June. We cannot say enough about her work, but really when we look back on the experience with Zofia, it was the ‘little’ things that were so helpful. Of course, looking at Zofia’s galleries, one can see immediately that she is an amazing artist and has an eye for getting the right shots. But, Zofia is clearly a well-seasoned professional and has taken notes on past wedding experiences.

At one point, I needed a mint, she had one. We needed a more beautiful hanger to display the dress on, she had one. We thought my makeup might get a little dull, she had face blotting pads. This woman is on the top of her game, and she is sweet at can be as well. Joe and I have confirmed that Zofia is the vendor we enjoyed working with the most, and she will always be someone special in our lives. In our opinion, if you’re considering having Zofia as your photographer, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t hire her. It will be the best decision you can make during your special event. Two big thumbs up!

~ Luci and Joe


I knew I wanted to work with Zofia the very first time I visited her photo blog. When I began planning our September 2010 wedding in Nantucket I started by scouring the island and cape wedding magazines for ideas. Time and time again I would see Zofia’s name next to the images I was drawn to, so I knew I liked her work, but I was blown away when I visited her photo blog.

Zofia doesn’t just capture an image, she captures the essence of the moment and the soul of the individual. She uses light in such a way that you might think she controls the sun and sky on her very own. Her attention to the finest details and her artistic perspective create a beautifully edited image. Her talents are a gift and her lovely disposition and professionalism go without saying.

Zofia, thank you for sharing your gift with us. The images you captured of our wedding day are one of the greatest gifts we could have been given. We are forever grateful.

~ Brooke and Matt


The picture of our four-year-old ring bearer “stealing” a taste of our wedding cake tells it all. Talented, FUN and willing to go above and beyond in any way possible to support her clients, Zofia captures the little moments of your day that will tell the story of your wedding for years to follow.

Connected to all people, places and things that are wedding on Nantucket, she is an amazing resource for any and all of your questions. The quality of her work speaks for itself. I’ve lost count at the number of compliments we have received on our photos from family, friends and even complete strangers.

She’s your special guest that fits rights in and best of all makes you look like a million bucks!

~ Sabrina and Aaron