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Nantucket wedding coordinators plan and assist dozens of events each year. Putting the weekend in their hands lets you breathe easy and enjoy your wedding. These talented professionals will guide you to the most trusted vendors the island has to offer.

Our preferred Nantucket wedding vendors are all local, so they won’t risk being stuck off island on your wedding day. They know the ins and outs of our quirky island.

Our clients receive a VIP list of our preferred Nantucket wedding vendors.

Many Nantucket wedding venues are also in high demand, such as:

124 Tom Nevers, The Chanticleer, Dreamland Theatre, First Congregational Church, Galley Beach, Great Harbor Yacht Club, Nantucket Golf Club, Nantucket Hotel, Nantucket Whaling Museum, Nantucket Yacht Club, Sankaty Beach Club and Sankaty Golf Club, Siasconset Casino, Siasconset Chapel, St Paul's Church, St Mary's Church, Summer House, Unitarian Church, Whales Watch, White Elephant Hotel Resort and Ballroom, Wauwinet and Topper's Restaurant, and Westmoor Club.

We are LGBTQIA+ friendly and inclusive. 

Zofia & Co. photographs weddings only on Nantucket during the fairly short peak wedding season. 

Many wedding dates are high in demand, especially in June, September and October. We encourage inquiring couples to reach out ASAP in order to secure us for their wedding photography. Since we do book as far as 18 months in advance, our calendar fills up quickly for hot dates.

We are normally hired right after the date is set and the wedding venue is booked. The images you see all over this website are photographed by Zofia and her associates.

In order to give each couple the best experience, we limit the number of weddings booked per season, therefore it's best to reach out as soon as you have a wedding date.

Planning your wedding photography

It's all in the                        


Wedding Details

Borrowing from the landscape and history of the island, hydrangeas, lightship baskets, every shade of blue and pink, or a neutral backdrop of white roses with modern touches create a classic and romantic style that's purely Nantucket.

It's all in the


Wedding Details

Borrowing from the landscape and history of the island, hydrangeas, lightship baskets, every shade of blue and pink, or a neutral backdrop of white roses with modern touches create a classic and romantic style that's purely Nantucket.

Wedding Collections

All of our wedding collections include online ordering and digital files. Nantucket engagement sessions are also available to break the ice and get you comfortable in front of the camera. We strongly believe in the physical print, so we also include wedding albums in our top collections.

Our wedding collections start at just 2 hours for intimate elopements, off season or midweek. We require a minimum of 8 hours to book us on Saturdays during peak wedding season. 

The most awesome Nantucket photo booth, our StudioBooth, is now available for any wedding or event on the island! Many a la carte products are available through your online gallery.

To get a proper quote for your wedding, please reach out and include any info to help us guide you in the right direction.


Every wedding is different! We cover anything from a couple hours for an elopement, to full wedding weekend coverage for bigger events.

For getting ready photos, details of your dress/shoes/rings/paper suite, give us about an hour prior to the ceremony. Add about a half hour if you're doing a first look, or another hour if you'd like us to photograph all of the formal family photos prior to the ceremony rather than at cocktail hour.

Our typical coverage is about an hour prior to the ceremony until 10pm (the cut off time for amplified music due to the noise ordinance for most Nantucket venues). That's normally 8 hours.

If you're not a dancing crowd, be sure to keep us until all speeches, first dances, and cake cutting are over. We'll work with your wedding planner or venue coordinator to finalize the timeline.

With the info you give us about your wedding, we can make a plan for our coverage, and you can always add hours prior to the date once your timeline is nailed down.

01. how much coverage do we need?


Our second photographers are all professionals that we work with often. This isn't their side job. They are just as committed to capturing your wedding as we are, and that's why we pay them well!

We split up as each of you are getting ready and during the ceremony to get various vantage points. After the ceremony, the lead will be photographing the formal photos/portraits while the second covers the details of the reception decor before guests pull the escort cards and put their purses on the tables.

The second photographer also covers your guests at cocktail hour and helps with additional lighting at the reception.

With the second photographer, you are getting the best out of our coverage.

02. do we need a second photographer?

Absolutely. If you're interested in coverage for any of your wedding weekend events, we just need to know well in advance to be sure one of us is available.

Your wedding collection includes the hours that you can spread out through the wedding weekend. For example, you book 10 hours and use 8 hours on the wedding day, leaving an hour for the welcome party and an hour for the rehearsal dinner. Generally an hour or two is great for weekend events prior to your wedding.

Take a look through our extended list of Nantucket wedding venues on our Journal to help in your wedding weekend planning.

03. can we include coverage for our rehearsal?

If you're planning an outdoor ceremony, you should always have a Plan B in case of rain. Often that will be a tent, or a space inside your reception venue. If it's a total washout, we'll stay inside.

We don't melt and our professional gear is weather sealed. We have white umbrellas in the trunk, so we're happy to embrace the rain. If you're game, so are we!

Check out this rainy wedding at Moors End Farm, the couple made the most of the wet weather.

04. what if it rains?

Yes... and no.

We place you where there is nice light, and guide you for the most flattering photos. We don't believe in stiff posing, but we gently direct you and let your personality and connection do the rest. 

Purely candid, documentary coverage benefits from a photographer who has the knowledge of good light and angles, and isn't afraid to help you.

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable, yet look your very best!

05. Do you pose us?

Soon! We try to get a little social media preview out quickly, then a blog post with a bigger preview within a week, and your online gallery in under 6 weeks though usually closer to 4 weeks.

Images are color corrected, cropped and enhanced individually so they're perfect for your online gallery. Any images that we post on the blog, or that are in prints/products/albums get extra love.

The number of images in a wedding gallery greatly varies wedding to wedding depending on the events, the details, and your formals list. Between 50-100 an hour is usually where we land.

Wedding albums take about 6 weeks to be delivered to you after design approval, any upgrade payment, and cover choices are made. The sooner we get your list of favorite images, the sooner we can design the album for you.

06. How soon will we receive our wedding gallery and albums?

Carey & John

Love Note

"Look through Zofia's photos and they speak for themselves – they're beautiful, authentic, emotional, joyous, and as a bride, flattering.

What you can't see from the photos is that Zofia is a dream to work with – a consummate professional, but also easygoing and natural, and helping you feel natural in front of the camera."

Look through Zofia's photos and they speak for themselves – they're beautiful, authentic, emotional, joyous, and as a bride, flattering.

What you can't see from the photos is that Zofia is a dream to work with – a consummate professional, but also easygoing and natural, and helping you feel natural in front of the camera. 

Carey & John

Love Note

No one knows what the future of digital images looks like.

We can't tell you if you'll be able to access your images in the format you have them saved in XX years.

Will your grandkids be able to see your wedding images? Can you open a floppy disk of photos, play a laser disk or 8 track? Puppies cry when you keep only pixels.

A tangible wedding album is the only heirloom that can be passed down for many generations. It's the gift you give to your future family.

07. Why is a wedding album so important?



The online ordering gallery is where you'll see your images online. This is where you'll order prints, mark your favorites for your wedding album, and where you'll download the images from.

You can pass this link around and wedding guests can then order files or prints on their own.

Your online ordering gallery will be up for a year to give you time to order your wedding album.

08. What is an online ordering gallery?

We have photographed events for high profile people in politics and film, but also for the general public who have many reasons to want privacy. Since we have a big online portfolio, we do not have the need to post every single wedding we photograph.

If you don't want us to share anything at all from your wedding, not a single photo of a flower, that requires an NDA. With the NDA, we remove your wedding from the rest of our workflow. We password protect your gallery, keep all the editing in house, we alert our printers not to share your images, and we don't give images to any vendors.

If you simply don't want us to share your names and faces, just ask. We respect your privacy.

09. can you keep our images private?

Once you download the high res gallery images, you have personal use rights. This means that you can print and frame them for your home and give prints as gifts. You can post them to your social media (please do, and credit us, yay!)

What you can't do is enter the images in contests, submit them to wedding vendors or magazines/blogs, or use them to promote a business. Copyright remains with the photographer, by law, but your personal usage rights let you print, post and enjoy them for yourselves.

We use professional vendors who print with archival ink and paper, and that assemble your album by hand with care. You won't have to worry about the spine breaking, the pages peeling, or the images fading. Photographs are meant to be printed.

10. what are we allowed to do with the images, and what is copyright?

We have photographed weddings on Nantucket for nearly 20 years. We've worked with every major vendor and at every wedding venue on island. We can help you choose who to work with and where.

We can also help plan your wedding timeline. Zofia is also especially happy to help you choose your wedding dress (yes, please!) When it comes time for the little details, and the coordination of the day, we strongly recommend a wedding planner.

Once you book with us we will share an extensive list of our preferred island vendors.

11. Can you help us plan our nantucket wedding?

12. What is the studioBooth and why do we want it?

It's awesome, and yes! The StudioBooth is our open air photo booth, so many guests can fit in the frame. Guests are able to Airdrop or text the images to themselves, and go home with prints.

You know those guests that will normally just drink coffee and yawn at the reception table while everyone else is dancing? They will definitely get in the StudioBooth and goof off. It's fabulously fun!

Yes, we have insurance, back-up gear, a file saving system, have photographed a wedding in massive pain from needing a root canal, and are good with unusual family dynamics!

We're pros, we've got you. :)

Our preferred vendors are based on Nantucket so that they do not risk being stuck off island on your wedding day. They know the ins and outs of the island such as what streets will be closed on Saturday, how long it will REALLY take to get from town to Sconset and the best way to get your guests there.

They know which hotels offer room blocks for your family and friends, information about Nantucket's noise ordinance, and which venues must follow it. They will not only advise you to hire their preferred vendors, but also give you sage advice on those that do not deliver a quality product.

Like the coordinators, Nantucket's professional hair and make up stylists, florists and film makers understand our unique timelines and regulations, the lay of the land and what it takes to create a beautiful, seamlessly flowing event.

While we are happy to share advice from our previous experience, we generally appreciate leaving the planning up to the experts.

You will receive a list of our preferred Nantucket vendors when you work with us.



The Best Nantucket Wedding Vendors Help Ease the Stress of Planning Your Destination Event



Love Note

Love Note

Jen & Mick

"We are SOOO obsessed with our photos.
We just keep going through every few days to relive the day and it makes us so happy!!

You absolutely crushed it, can't thank you enough!"