Nantucket Island Photographers

I’m anxiously waiting at the top of Steps Beach for Matt and Linzee to arrive. ‘We’ll be in stripes’, he said, which narrows down the passers by to about a third. Matt’s never been to Nantucket, he may not know that one little tidbit.

While taking some photos of my three year old as a disguise, Caroline & Colin walk by. Mark had just photographed their proposal at Galley Beach the night before. Mark tells the newly engaged couple what we’re here to do tonight, and they’re chatting up excitedly about it, as I get really excited for Matt and his soon to be fiancé to arrive. As planned, they pass by and he pretends not to see me.

Suddenly, there’s a group of beach goers on the hill *right* where I told him to go to propose! They won’t leave. They’re taking selfies on the hill. They’re going to ruin the plan! He’s going to make a run for the beach where I won’t be able to see him from my perch on the steps! They’re all gone now, except one man, the man that won’t leave. The man that will make this very awkward. But Matt’s thinking. He asks the man to kindly take their photo with Matt’s phone and then LEAVE.

She said yes!

Matt & Linzee, now engaged, head off to Brant Point Grill for dinner and live happily ever after. xo

– photographed by Zofia



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