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Gay & Girard were married in Siasconset, where they met 3 decades ago. The couple grew up spending many summers in Nantucket, both having homes in Sconset. They had their first kiss on the steps to the beach of Gay’s family’s rental house on Baxter Rd where they shared the first look on their wedding day, and another kiss. The wedding weekend was spent at their favorite local venues- Cisco Brewers, Chanticleer, Siasconset Union Chapel, Siasconset Casino and Sankaty Head Golf Club.

Oh the weather outside is weather, it has been said. And sometimes the weather brings crazy winds to our island and travel can be… challenging. Such was the case over Gay and Girard’s wedding weekend. No boats or planes were headed on or off Nantucket with wind gusts over 65mph reported. As year round locals, we find these challenges part of the charm of living on an island, but it can be quite stressful to those who have spent months or even years planning a big event. Some weddings that weekend canceled entirely, but Gay and Girard knew they had to go with the flow, having experienced storms here in the past. With a lot of help from Handy & Dallaire Events, all of us vendors were able to push the wedding events back a day so that those nearest and dearest to the couple would be able to attend as planned. Luckily, that Sunday was an INCREDIBLE day for a wedding, and maybe it was just meant to be.

The event was a family affair, with Gay’s four daughters and Girard’s son as the wedding party. Sweet traditions were carried out, such as a garter that Gay wore which has been passed down through many family weddings for 65 years. The congregation sang a song as Gay’s brother walked her down the aisle at the Sconset Chapel- a little something special that Gay’s family does at weddings to make the bride comfortable as she enters the church.

The tennis playing duo had their wedding reception at the Siasconset Casino. Gay’s 84 year old mother is rumored to be quite the beer pong champ, as we got to see at the end of the evening! Girard spoke a bit about second chances in his welcome toasts to his wedding guests during dinner. A second chance at love for him and Gay. Luckily, they also got a second chance at a perfect wedding day.


Photographers: Zofia & Mark, Zofia & Co. Photography
Wedding Coordinator: Handy & Dallaire Events
Florist: Flowers on Chestnut
Stationery: The Inviting Company
Bride’s Dress & Wrap: Kari England, Nantucket
Bridesmaids: Alice Walk, Boston
Groomswear: Murray’s Toggery, Nantucket
Caterer: Island Kitchen
Cake: Cake Nantucket
Band: Perry Rossi Orchestra



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