Nantucket Island Photographers

Q – What’s sweeter than proposing to your love overlooking a beautiful beach view on Nantucket?
A – Hiring a photographer to document the moment and surprising your new fiancé with a portrait session to remember it by.

Ben had been conspiring with me about the perfect location and moment to make his big move. He was SO excited. They planned a day trip to the island, and dinner at The Galley. But first, Ben wanted to take a little bike ride detour. They walked right past me at Steps Beach, pretending to be photographing my daughter.

Next, they did what every couple does when they go to some place new, they took a selfie. Heather loves collecting sea glass, so Ben brought a sweet little stone that says “Marry Me” to show her as he got down on one knee.

Brian and I hid in the bushes and stealthy captured her reaction. I could hear her excitement from where I was staking out, way up the stairs. It was so sweet. Congrats to you both!

– photographed by Zofia & Brian



Zofia & Co. is a team of year round, full time Nantucket wedding & portrait photographers.