Nantucket wedding & Portrait inspiration

Nantucket wedding & Portrait inspiration

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Brant Point Lighthouse Marriage Proposal, Daron Asks Christus

Engagements by Mark, Nantucket Marriage Proposals

Christus & Daron had been together going on three years when he decided to propose. Their children from previous marriages have gone to the same private school since kindergarten. The boys (who are 60 days apart in age) have been friends longer than the couple has known each other! One day, after boating with their […]


Brant Point Marriage Proposal, Karina & Anil

Nantucket Marriage Proposals

When Anil contacted me to photograph his marriage proposal to Karina, he was super excited. They were staying at the White Elephant Hotel on a little vaca, and were heading to Brant Point Lighthouse. The weekend was foggy and rain was a threat, but the evening was magical. Though we normally don’t get to photograph […]

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I'm a full time, year round Nantucket photographer, business owner, mom of 3 daughters, snowboarder, hugger, foodie, movie buff, concert goer, Gen Xer, plant lover, health nut, label reader and traveler.

My love language is cooking.

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