Nantucket wedding & Portrait inspiration

Nantucket wedding & Portrait inspiration

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Nantucket Beach Wedding in Tom Nevers, Brittany & Aaron

Nantucket Weddings

Brittany and Aaron were married in an outdoor Jewish ceremony, at a private home in Tom Nevers overlooking the ocean. The couple lives in Toronto, but met in Montreal, have traveled all over, lived in New York and Paris, and vacation on Nantucket. Jealous yet?! Aaron’s parents honeymooned on Nantucket, and Brittany began joining the […]


Nantucket Wedding at Whales Watch, Tim & Santi

Nantucket Weddings

Where to begin? First of all, meet my new best friends. This is Tim and James (aka Santi), with whom I totally fell in love with last summer at their engagement session. Tim is a performer in Branson, James is in IT. Tim is outgoing, James is more reserved. Tim is a planner, James goes […]

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